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Horoscope of PT aka Prashant Trivedi

Divine Avatar of the Aquarian Age 

by Veno & Nicolas Servais


PT aka Prashant Trivedi is a Divine Incarnation, the Avatar for the current Age of Aquarius.

Divine  translates to di-vine or 'perfect branching' because it comes closest to the characteristics of 'paramatman' – a sanskrit term. Divine = perfect fractality & perfect coherence. What these are cannot be understood without a personal experience through divine's grace. Divine supports & encompasses all good, real love, peace, harmony, non violence, painlessness, & perfection on all levels.

Avatar means that one is a perfected portion of the Divine Supreme and descends to this earth Plane out of one's free will to helP humanity & restore Dharma. Like all Divine incarnations, PT's horoscope carries the signs of an exalted being.  

Fitting for the Age, PT is born with the sign of Aquarius rising. One of the names for Aquarius is the water bearer and is symbolized by a man with a pitcher pouring the waters of life down onto the hungry populace, thus highlighting the fact that Aquarian natives work for the good of all and possess a philanthropic and humanitarian spirit. The main symbol of Aquarius is depicted by two zigzaggy lines, which symbolizes closure in water. Water represents the collective unconscious and the main role for Aquarius Ascendant is to nourish and awaken the higher consciousness or higher mind in others. Aquarius being related to electricity is capable of shocking others into sudden awakening. 

The Ascendant degree falls in the nakshatra of Dhanishta. Dhanista's symbol is a drum, signifying rhythmic attunement to the patterns of destiny in which one is able to utilise time properly and it denotes musical talent.  The drum symbolism represents the fact that PT is able to tune into universal mind without letting the ego interfere in the process. Dhanistha is presided over by a group of eight gods called the Vasus. Vasu translates into "superb, excellent, wealthy". When functioning at its optimum level as in this case it denotes a Person who is harbinger of auspicious qualities. 

The main path PT travels is shown by the position of his Ascendant lord Saturn. Saturn falls in a friendly sign Gemini in the 5th house. Having an intellectual sign on the Ascendant and the Ascendant lord in the intellectual sign of Gemini, in the 5th house of intelligence, accentuates his intellectual acumen. Gemini is a sign of quickness, ingenuity, communicative ability, lightness, humour, and these traits are easily identifiable in PT's personality. 

Rahu is  a co-ruler of Aquarius and  is placed in Scorpio in the 10th house. Rahu is a planet connected to the serpent forces (kundalini shakti) and its placement in the sign of Scorpio represents a  deep, intuitive and profoundly mysterious side to PT's intellect. This expands the Ascendant, or nature and destiny of PT into a very big picture. Rahu 's position in the mid heaven makes it a major apex channel for just about every  other planet.

Rahu in 10th is the revolutionary leader. Its revolutionary leadership is acting through the planet Mars, the lord of the sign Rahu occupies. Mars occupies the 2nd house with the 2nd lord Jupiter, and shows P's revolutionary authority is acting through everything he says. 

Rahu is placed in the constellation of Anuradha, a constellation activated by PT's  Saturn in his 5th house. It relates to creative expression & teachings revolving around discipline, Tapasya & virtuous actions (actions that honor Divine). Anuradha is a friend to all the world, wanting the good for everyone & this is visible in PT”s Public image.  PT is willing to take on board anyone who is wiling to do the right things & in that way can be seen as a friendly leader to the entire Plane-T. 

A unique feature of the chart is that every natural malefic is with a natural benefic & that benefic also happens to be its best friend. These harmonious connections manifest with considerable power & force due to numerous benefic yoga combinations they form. It means every aspect of PT's mission is coherent & aligned with the greater whole.

The Ascendant lord Saturn is occupying a friendly sign in the 5th house conjunct the 4th  & 9th lord Venus forming a Raja yoga combination. It suggests rapid unfoldment of one's destined path & shows PT excels in all 5th house areas ie. leadership, creativity, magical arts, spiritual practice, authorship, love, judgement, play.  Saturn occupies the nakshatra of Purnavasu, so one's mission is very expansive.  It infers that PT's  influence spreads far and wide especially after the age of 35. 

A strong connection to mother nature & the natural elements is seen through Saturn Venus combination as well as Mercury Venus exchange involving 4th and 5th lords, & Sun Ketu combination in Taurus on the 4th house. It shows great reverence for Bhudevi, sun, the natural elements & gives a very grounded sense in these matters. When the Avatar descends to earth they embed with the land and this aspect of PT is visible from the chart. 

Sun Ketu occupy the constellation of Krittika, a constellation that is both critical & nurturing at the same time. It shows one who nourishes others but also plays the role of a general. Sun is in 4th house. This makes one a king on this terrestrial plane (a spiritual one due to Sun's tight conjunction with mokshakaraka Ketu) & gives one control of the senses. All the martian constellations are occupied in the chart which suggests a very Kalki like mission. 

Saturn being the planet of responsibility and discipline shows PT has a serious approach to 5th house affairs even if these affairs operate under the Gemini gaze of lightness and flexibility. Saturn's rulership of the 12th house is the path of selfless service.

Venus in the 5th house in a friendly sign, the 9th lord of "dharma" in another "dharma" house
shows great integrity & that PT's teachings are focused on the highest dharma.  Venus occupies the nakshatra of Ardra.  Both Venus & Ardra relate to diamond symbolism, diamond being the hardest substance known to man. PT is able to penetrate the multifarious layers of the mind & is unyielding in his efforts to teach others in a penetrating manner. Ardra  delivers a dose of intelligent sarcasm and ruthless dissection for the purpose of transformation. Ardra is Rudra energy. It is a serious transformative energy which goes into a coherence charge Phractality.

Venus's powerful exchange with the 5th and 8th lord Mercury  boosts the 4th and 5th house indications which exemplify PT'S life and achievements. They are intimately involved with the Ascendant lord indicating a powerful 1st 5th 9th connection which is the Spiritual Wheel. It shows PT is born for the Purpose of establishing Dharma. 

The exchange between Mercury and Venus are at the centre of this chart, They work together like a finely tuned machine. They are exalted & mutually aspecting each other in the navamsa. They activate the 4th, 5th, 8th & 9th house in a magical way. PT is well documented as having interaction with crop circles since the beginning of the 21st century. This magickal Phenomena are resPonses to his activities. His Plays in nature are always celebrated by Nature itself in the form of rainbows, cloud formations,  animal resPonses, croP circles & weather resPonses.

Mercury is related to Hermes & Venus to Aphrodites. HermaPhrodiTes represents the Perfect balance between male & female energy. It is the 21st card (World Card) in the Tarot Deck representing emancipation, completion, the perfect union with the Power of the Universe. Mercury is the planet of discrimination and Venus is the planet of love and compassion. Their exchange exemplifies exceptional discrimination along with excellent advising & communication abilities.They allow PT to raise his intelligence & teaching abilities to great heights.  

The planet of the heart, 4th lord Venus connected to the planet of love, 5th lord Mercury indicates a joyful soul. It also adds tremendous charm and gracefulness. The 8th and 9th lordship of Mercury and Venus give adeptship in magical arts. Mercury occupies the constellation of Mrigashira, a constellation which adds a vibrant, whimsical, searching disposition. The higher functioning of PT's chart means that the searching nature of Mrigishira relates to roaming for Soma, the Divine Nectar.  The Mercury Venus exchange also manifests as the power to bestow blessings,  Mercury & Rahu are conjunct in PT's navamsa 11th, Mercury ruling the 8th shows in this chart powerful focus  on transformation & influencing others on a broad scale. 

Saturn's occupation of the constellation of Purnavasu shows that PT's spiritual teaching has a simplicity in approach. Purnavasu relates to repetition & recycling, & so PT demonstrates this by bringing back the true vedic teachings that have gotten lost in the kali yuga cycle. Jupiter Mars conjunction in the 2nd house makes him a great astrologer. His Jupiter in the 2nd house in Revati gives him ability to be knowledgeable on every subject. It is all encompassing & so his knowledge of the infinite is complete. However, relaying how much he knows would not be of help to the masses.   Jupiter's position in Capricorn navamsa shows that PT would direct information in a way that has a more practical value as well as taking into consideration the limitations of the readiness of his listeners.

Saturn being a 5th house planet in Rasi in Aries Navamsa shows that PT is about getting to fundamentals in his teaching. A good example is his teaching others to have understanding of the importance of the simple mechanics of the body like holding good posture ( a very Saturnine topic).  He is also teaching people to have a brain (Aries) by teaching them about their 'beingness' (the fact that they exist).  Saturn in Aries shows a sense of urgency. It shows someone who doesn't waste time on what he judges as unnecessary. 

The powerful emphasis on the sign Taurus in the Rasi emphasizes a teaching that is about having common sense, groundedness, appreciation for establishing a firm foundation in which to grow. In that respect his 10th lord in the 2nd house is also about basics such as how to speak Properly, what to eat, understanding the real nature of family in kali yuga, themes such as parents are rarely good. 


The outer planets become relevant in PT's chart because of his collective role as The Avatar. 

Besides Rahu & Saturn, Uranus is considered another co-ruler of Aquarius Ascendant. Uranus is placed in Libra in the 9th house in Chitra's 4th Pada. It shows a ground breaking teacher, and makes P the force behind the good of the Age of Aquarius where he is restoring dharma. 

Uranus is shocking, groundbreaking and relates to electricity. Uranus' dispositor Venus is in Ardra, another constellation  related to electricity. PT is not only electrically alive (as in all nadis & energy centers are vibrating at a coherent frequency) but also his artistry with electric guitar creates electrical responses from nature like lightning.  

Pluto falls in the constellation of Hasta, a constellation connected to understanding the game of life. Hasta relates to the Sun in PT's case in the sense that it is a wakeup call for humanity. Pluto is conjunct PT's Moon which reveals a deeply insightful mind & an ability to understand mass consciousness and be part of the Divine transformation that happens through 8th house channels (sudden destructive energy waves, natural disasters etc). 

Neptune falls in Jyestha constellation in the 1st pada in the 10th house. Neptune relates to cinema and shows how Lotus Ocean Philms (P's film production) influences the collective in expansive & mesmerizing ways.

PT's Chart shows the story of the multiverse/universe. The mythological story of the Churning of the Ocean can find all astrological parallels in PT's chart. One will have to refer to this story in order to understand the following correlations.


Mars & Moon are the axis of the world, Mars being the bottom of the ocean (Uttara bhadrapada) & Moon being the top in Uttara Phalguni (north star). PT announced himself as the axis of this world around which everything revolves. Mars is important because it rules both PT's Ascendant nakshaktra & atmakaraka. It connects to tortoise symbolism in Uttara bhadrapada.  PT's mind is represented by Moon (the seat of Brahma)  which lies at the top of the axis above this matrix.

Jupiter's conjunction with Mars in Pisces shows the Churning process. In Revati constellation Jupiter represents the wheel of time which Vishnu presides over. Jupiter is conjunct 3rd lord Mars in Rasi  symbolizing Vishnu's index finger holding the spinning sudarshan chakra, which decapitates Rahu, the head of the serpent. The tail of the serpent being Ketu, is the side held by the Devas in PT's chart & Rahu is the side held by the Asuras. Ketu is with PT's atmakaraka Mercury (Vishnu) & exchanges with Venus. It is notable that Venus is in Amrita Shashtiamsha. 

There's a need for the masses to connect to PT's Venus Saturn teachings in order to be on the side of the Devas, otherwise the destructive forces of Rahu in Scorpio in the 10th house comes through nature's retributive judgement in the form of earth quakes, floods, fire & other churning events. Rahu is spitting the poison on those misaligned with the Divine will (Mars). Saturn in PT's navamsa in the 6th house in Aries  weakens enemies. Saturn is involved in the natural destruction which comes upon enemies along with Sun Mars, Rahu Ketu & Rudra's constellation Ardra.

Rahu & Ketu are representative of a churning process that is always working towards the evolution of a native. Just as Devas & Asuras are working together to get the nectar in the Churning of the Ocean story, similarly all that happens in this world, is actually working towards
Divine fulfilling its mission on earth through PT's Presence.

PT is the Pole which everything spins around.

The sublord of PT's Ascendant is Venus, Venus representing the amrita or nectar that is brought to the surface after the churning is complete. Venus in PT's chart is about establishing harmony which helps to bring in a new age. As 4th lord it shows PT's devic roots or origins . Avatar  is a 4th house event because the Avatar is here to save Bhu Devi & lift the collective mass consciousness. PT's entire horoscope pivots around his 4th house where his  atmakaraka Mercury resides.




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