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Protecting the Mother Principle

The mother gets abused in these times on the planet. The mother principle is not only mother nature and the cow. It is the woman, the human female. It is the gentle male. It is emotional integrity. There is dharm regarding emotion. Qualities like compassion, receptivity, ability to go with the flow, forgiveness, tolerance, peacefulness, gratitude belong to the Divine Feminine.


When hearts have taken on negative masculine qualities, when hearts have become rigid and hardened, when anger, tyranny, despotism have replaced simple values like caring, nurturing and understanding, when simple humanity has deserted one, when women are no longer valued and respected the Earth is in trouble. 

There's the Earth and there's the Sky. There's the Cow and there's the Sea, theres the Rainbow and the Tree but there's also the miracle that is a female human being. Native Americans understand the whole world is a sacred family. Earth is sacred and all of life has meaning. In this sacred spirit, women are revered as beautiful and powerful. They are givers of sacred life. Without women native americans believe there is no hope , no future, no carrying on of tradition and culture. Native Americans have always honored and respected women and elevated them to positions of reverence and honor in the tribe.

There are women today who are not being honored and respected, who are simply being abused. There is even consensual abuse and submission by women themselves to an overly dominant masculine agenda.  There are women who have become so lopsided to the point where they have forgotten even what their rights are. They don't even realize their role is not to be that of fearful subservience to a masculine power. This sad and fearful state is reflected in the state of the world today.

Sexuality & Spirituality



"Spiritual life is not against sex and has never been against sex. Sex can be a Divine Act. But it is against the unnatural aggravation of that bodily function in a hypersexualised mind . When the mind becomes obssessed with sex, people start to be seen as objects meant for titillation. This objectified view of people damages one's capacity for deep relationships even in material life. And it destroys one's spiritual prospects. There is no longer any possibility of being able to focus on realities beyond the material especially the supreme spiritual reality of Krishna if one is constantly fantasizing about and searching for the next chance of sense ego gratification.

The Gita (10.41) explains that everything attractive manifests a spark of Krishna’s all-attractiveness. So, whatever pleasure one gets by enjoying the material objects of this world, one gets far more by connecting with Krishna. Vedic wisdom has never been against sex. It is against the obssession with sex that deprives one of lasting spiritual happiness." Chaitanya Charan


Once Dhanvantari (the celestial physician was being asked by a sage about the secret of health).

Dhavantari replied

“This seminal energy is verily the ātman. The secret of health lies in preservation of this vital force. He who wastes this vital and precious energy cannot have physical, mental, moral, and spiritual development.” According to Ayurveda, forty drops of blood go into making one drop of semen. Those who waste their semen indiscriminately develop unsteady and agitated prāṇ. They lose their physical and mental energy, and weaken their memory, mind, and intellect. The practice of celibacy leads to a boost of bodily energy, clarity of intellect, gigantic will power, retentive memory, and a keen spiritual intellect. It creates a sparkle in the eyes and a luster on the cheeks.



In Vedic Astrology semen is represented by the planet Venus. When Venus gets spoiled or wasted, one begins to lose their beauty, happiness, sweetness, one no longer knows how to relate with others in a flow, one is constantly agitated and has no real tolerance for anything, one can treat women or people in general merely as objects. Venus is needed for Mercury to function well. When Venus is lost one can just become plain stupid. One can never feel grateful for anything. One has forgotten how to have basic respect for others. 



Moon is the planet in astrology that represents the mother principle and the mind. One who does not honor the mother principle cannot preserve their sanity.



An important mother constellation in Vedic Astrology is a constellation called Krittika. It is related to the star cluster of Pleaides and the legend of the seven sisters or mothers. The meaning behind Krittika constellation reveals not only the nurturing power of the female but also the firm aspect. In its most evolved state it is the purity of the Sun that has risen past mere self serving egocentricity. It also has the power to destroy evil. If anyone has a bad habit this is the constellation that enables one to get rid of it. Not gradually but with sudden immediate force. Krittika has nothing to hide. It is not about hiding a multitude of sins. It is about destroying them in an instant with the precision of a surgeon's knife. Krittika is the force which says no to wrong doing. Krittika is the force that brings things out into the light.


Everyone must acknowledge the Supreme Phorce in the universe.



The true object of meditation for all beings is Krishna the supreme being. In this world there are all kinds of beings. There are jivatmas. There are animals, insects, microbe organisms, biological and nonbiological creations. There are even avatars. For all beings without exception the supreme object of worship is the omniscient Lord Krishna. We are all just drops of the supreme, in different shapes, sizes, coherence and phractality. Without acknowledging and honoring the very highest nobody gets free from the cycles of birth and death.


Worshipping the Divine Mother.

When you no longer hold the values of the mother dear to you then you have lost all sense. When you have lost all sense and integrity you should worship the Divine Mother. When you have lost your qualities of compassion you should worship the Divine Mother. When you have lost decency, respectfulness to others, gentleness, peacefulness, equilbrium,inner harmony, forgiveness, then you should worship the Divine Mother. When you no longer even know how to be kind to yourself, when you have lost all learning attitude, when you are no longer receptive to others, you should worship the Divine Mother to bring things back into balance.


Without the Divine Mother one forever remains stuck on the material platform.

Transcendental wisdom and teaching are not possible without honoring the Divine Feminine.




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