Vedic Astrology is a Divine science. The word "Divine" must be emphasized as it relates to God.


Vedic Astrology is a blueprint to understand the place we are at as a being with a human body.

Veno has practiced Jyotish for three decades. She is skilled in all branches of natal astrology & is a devoted advocate & teacher of Vedic science & wisdom. 

"That was the most indepth reading I've ever had on any level"


"Nobody has come close to Veno's level of comprehension,accuracy, compassion, guidance, & truthfulness. "  

Jyotish (Science of Light) or Vedic Astrology is gaining popularity since we have transitioned into the Age of Aquarius. Every age of humanity brings with it a new avatar. PT aka Prashant Trivedi is the Avatar for the current Age. 

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A Jyotish aka Vedic Astrology Reading can help you understand your life path & purpose. It can provide insight into any and every situation in life. 

OSFA's Jyotish Correspondence Course  

"I am learning so much from your inputs. Thanks for guiding me every step of the way and guiding me how to move forward from here. It has been my pleasure learning astrology from you!!!"  -S. Vasudeva, USA

Jyotish was taught to Brahma by Vishnu. Jyotish is the supreme tattva (truth). It destroys the suffering of the beings.


"Highly valuable & important for any serious astrologer, or for anyone interested in Vedic mythology. Prash Trivedi is a very subtle & observant astrologer & each Nakshatra becomes its own universe in this book, & is given thorough, searching attention & detailed treatment" (Amazon Review).


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