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General Articles on Vedic Astrology

Parashara Hora Shastra

Study of Opening Sloka

What Kind of Astrologer Are You?

Gifts of the Planets

Conscious Living

How to Apply Astrology constructively

The Spiritual Man

Transcendence versus Ego

Cosmic Cow

Why the Cow is sacred. Ethics of Vegetarianism

The Nodes - Rahu & Ketu

Importance of Nodes & Atmakaraka 

Maturity of Planets & Houses

Ages when Planets & Houses act in the life for everybody

Venus, The Most Beautiful

Indepth look at planet Venus


Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn Transits

The Tenth House in Vedic Astrology

Esoteric View

Snapshot of the Nodes Rahu & Ketu

Rahu & Ketu Lessons

The Twelve Ascendants

Twelve signs of the Zodiac 

Kala Purush

Astrological Poem about the Houses

Interview with the Examiner

Biographical Interview with the Paranormal Examiner

Jyotish Eye of The Vedas

Origin & Purpose of Jyotish 

Reference Material for Vedic Astrologers


Five Limbs of the Panchang

Jyotish & the Human Body

List of Body Parts associated with Planets, Signs, Houses

Ascendant Lord through Different Houses

General Interpretation

5TH House - The Astrologer's Chair

On giving advice

Protecting the Mother Principle

Divine Feminine needs more acknowledgement

Esoteric Writings 


Vedic Classification of Beings

God Exists & there are Sensible Reasons


Compilations taken from the Internet

Astrology, Alchemy & Revolution 

Inspired Writing on Occult Significance of Number 3

Guest Articles on Vedic Astrology

Astrology - Its Importance & Relevance

by Prashant Trivedi

Jyotish or Vedic Astrology

by Prashant Trivedi

A Brief Intro to Rahu - North Node of the Moon

by Prashant Trivedi

Astro - Questions & Answers

by Prashant Trivedi

Krittika - The Incendiary Spark of the Third Eye

by Carl Nelson

Chitra - The Secret of The Pearl

by Carl Nelson

Anuradha - Lotus in the Mud

by Carl Nelson

A Response to - Argument for the Tropical Zodiac

by Shyamasundara Dasa

A Tale of Two Zodiacs 

by Antardwipa (Edited by Shyamasundara Dasa)

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