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Meet the 12 Ascendants

by Veno


"I am born to lead, a pioneer of the unique, inclined to reckless actions, foolish and naive, bold, fearless, direct, passionate and physical. I am a free sincere spirit, generous to the extreme. Luck follows me. I live for the here and now. I rely on my instincts and intuition. I am lucky with inheritance. My love is fiery. I have few friends and a sexually passionate and beautiful spouse. My face and speech is beautiful. I am curious to know things but fickle with my interests. I put effort into life and am quick to achieve. I am fond of mother and home. I love to create drama and to entertain. Don't try to stop me, for I will rebel. As I grow older I become ambitious and am capable of much achievement over a long time."



"I seek pleasure, wealth, luxury and the finer things in life. I have sensuous tastes in life and work hard to create beauty. I am slow in temper and stubborn as an ox. I am stable and possessive of things I value. I like to overindulge. I love money. I am lighthearted about family values. I am emotional in speaking. I find it hard to settle down. I am a perfectionist in love, and engage in secret, exciting, sexual relationships that transform me in radical ways. I seek a spiritual partner to achieve mystical union with another. I am a gift giver and also like to receive. My philosophy is success. I hold a unique status in the world. I am lucky in my career and ever generous with my friends and acquaintances."



"I am a gifted communicator, always full of ideas, lighthearted, superficial, witty, openminded and inquisitive. I enjoy playing games. I am emotional about family matters. Money seems to come in and out always. I am confident in my movements and pride myself on my interesting nature. I fall in love with love and am amorous in bed. I am faithful in marriage. My partner strengthens my success and reputation. I know how to keep secrets. I am quick to make friends but have many secret and powerful foes."



"I am guided by intuition and feelings. I am emotional and reserved and like to be in safe surroundings. I am mothering and need others to need me. I am proud of my family and my domestic skills. I seek perfection in daily chores. I am always wishing for happiness and love to have a beautiful home. I have secret loves and secret plans. I like stable, materially resourceful partners. I am easily moved by religion and faith. I am quick to achieve in profession but prefer my home. I aspire for comforts in life and enjoy travel."



"I want to shine. I am aware of my own power. I have a free, creative mind and seek beauty and creativity in career. My ambitions are forever changing. I am private and secretive about my feelings. I carry alot of burden and responsibilities in life and have to work hard to achieve. I seek liberated and unusual partners, but like a structured family life. I am naturally intuitive and psychic and quick to philosophize. I seek nourishment and nurturing and escape into my own world to nourish myself."



 "I seek order and perfection. I am hardworking, modest, good at arranging, fastidious, practical, naive, health conscious, fragile and critical to a fault. I need routine. I change profession often. I believe in balanced diet, family life, achieving material security. I am happy natured and enjoy a dreamy inspirational partner. I am a realist about love, and have my own unique way of working. I enjoy unusual healing methods. I am quick to pick up on the thoughts of others and interested in mystery and occult. I value my friends and pride myself on my bed prowess and spiritual awareness."



 "I seek harmony and beauty in the world. I am diplomatic, social, pleasing to others. I value marriage and partnership. I have a turbulent family life, impulsive relationships and make money secretly. I am openminded and interested in everybody's point of view. I seek stability in my home. I am attracted to the unusual. I am a dreamer in daily life, and am emotionally attached to my job. I take pride in my friends and like to be of service to others."



 "I am mysterious, troubled, secretive and a psychological expert. I am interested in sexuality and the occult. I am dramatic with my emotions. My life undergoes turbulent transformations. I am carefree about money matters and persevering in my interests. I have an unusual home life. I am deeply romantic, creative and energetic but find it hard to maintain discipline. I seek comfortable, luxury loving and sensuous partners. I enjoy research. My attitude is one of caring. I take pride in my worldly status. I am choosy about friendships and seek beauty in my spiritual life."




 "I am openminded, carefree, adventurous, strong spirited, moral and philosophical. I am attached to my mother, have an expansive heart and home. I am frugal with money and earn slowly. I have unusual interests and fall in and out of love quickly. I am lighthearted about marriage but attached to my possessions. I am proud of my philosophy, work hard in career, and attract beautiful and creative minded friends. I enjoy socializing and a secret sex life."



"I am persevering, ambitious, I aim to succeed. I am materialistic, tenacious, a realist who is bent on getting results. I seek to reach the heights in this world. I am peculiar about finances and get money through unusual means. I am a dreamer, quick to take up new residence, a lover of luxury and beautiful people. I am a perfectionist in religious matters, a jack of all trades, emotionally attached to partner. I receive gifts from rich and powerful people. Perfection is my philosophy. I want to do some great service. I have secret and turbulent friendships and am free with my sexuality."



"I stand out in the crowd. I am eccentric, unusual, a mystic, a servant of humanity. I am rich in knowledge, acquire money easily, quick in my movements. I have a stable home and heart. I am mentally clever and careful about my work. I admire my partner. I am skilful with the occult. Achieving harmony is my philosophy. I am a rebel in society, have free thinking associates and work hard for spiritual realization. "



"I am the dreamer, compassionate, artistic and inspirational. I am driven to tears easily. I love history. I am objective and full of understanding. Money passes quickly through my hands. I am interested in wealth, luxury, move residence often. I am emotional about love. I am proud of my daily work and seek fastidious and practical partners. I desire harmony in my secret life. My philosophical growth is turbulent. I look beyond the surface for truth. I am adventurous in career, ambitious about friendships, and a true mystic on the spiritual path. "

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