I require accurate Time, Date, Place of Birth to look at your Horoscope. All readings are written except Complete Birth Chart Reading Audio. 


When you place an order allow up to 24 hours for me to respond and request your details & queries. It can take between 5-14 days (on rare occasion much longer) to complete your reading.




"I have had my chart done by 4 astrologers including you as I wanted to get a few viewpoints and I found your approach to be the most accessible. I got similiar information from all 4 but your commentary was easily the clearest, most lucid and most balanced."

Prashant Trivedi Desi Cow

Cow Seva

Virtuous Actions are the only true remedy for afflicted planets in the horoscope. One of the best ways to improve one's karm (karma) is to support Cows. One can donate to the upkeep of desi cows (the most auspicious breed of cows) in India by donating here to support PT's cows. 

List of Readings


Drawing from  diverse Jyotish methods , your complete birth chart reading concentrates on your life purpose, your karmic strengths and weaknesses, psychology, personality development, health, finances, career, relationships, spirituality and those areas of life experience which are important to you. It tells you how to make the most of your birth potential and achieve the maximum benefit from your life. It offers remedial guidnce and covers Future TimeCycles.



The Reading addresses any questions/issues you have at the time of the Reading.

$360 USD

Similar Content to Written Version. 

$280 USD

If you have more than one question use the drop down list. 

$55 USD for One/First Question

This reading is about a particular area of life but you can ask multiple questions about this area

$200USD One Indepth Issue

Use Drop Down List to order 1 or 2 Indepth Issues


I require both person's details. 

$240 USD

10 Things You Should Know About Yourself


1. Your Main Life Path/Inborn Potential

2. Vital New lesson for your Soul

3. What Helps you or holds you Back

4. Where your Good Fortune Lies

5. What will Give you Happiness

6. Your Greatest Gift

7. Your Greatest Weakness

8. Limitations in your life Right Now

9. Opportunities growing in your life Right Now

10.Main Theme of your Destiny Right Now

$150 USD

This Reading Focuses exclusively on your unique Spiritual Blueprint & Lessons in the Horoscope

$450 USD

Choosing most Auspicious Time for performing a particular action, event. Helps the success of any important Activity.

$300 USD

Pricing varies from $50 - $300 according to how approx. you know your birthtime, which may be a few minutes off to several hours. You must know at least your day of birth to order this reading. You will be sent a Questionnaire to fill out about specific details and dates of events.


 For Questions about Spirituality or Students asking about Astrology



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