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God Exists & There are Sensible Reasons

by Veno

In the Vedas lack of belief in god is caused by anarthas, sins that are blocking a person from realizing fundamental truths about their own nature. The first fundamental truth in order to  understand and develop one's nature is to realize that there is a god,a supreme being, an intelligent creator.


Krishna says, "One can verily become the killer of their own soul," through  wrong thinking, wrong action and wrong motive.


The bible says  -: “For from the first making of the world, those things of God which the eye is unable to see, that is, his eternal power and existence, are fully made clear by his creation, he having given the knowledge of his eternal power and existence through the things which he has made.”

Scientists make discoveries all the time that reveal to them an intelligent designer is responsible for the creation of  the universe. For some centuries there have been false beliefs that the universe came into being by chance, out of nothing, but nothing can only produce nothing. Everything that exists must have a cause. This is a scientific truth.


There is obvious and irrefutable perfection to creation which is appreciated via observation:-


There are millions of forces in the universe that are balanced precisely in order for our solar system to survive and continue. Without exact precision the forces that maintain our solar system could not give us the type of galaxy we exist in, or even a planet earth that sustains life.  If our sun  expanded and contracted the way other stars do, it would be catastrophic for our earth.  Sun has to be the exact right mass and temperature.I f we were to experience a drop in the sun's energy by only a fraction of a percent all of the oceans would freeze.


We have the right size moon. Because of the precision of its size, it is suitable for regulating the tides on earth.


There are a long list of factors that need to be right on a cosmic level and on an earth local level, for the earth to continue for millennia the way it has to sustain life.


On earth there are many different forms of life that are completely dependent on each other. For example, bees and pollen bearing plants.  If  either the plants or  the bees evolved before the other, they would not have survived. They had to have come into existence at the same time.The earth's ocean basins and atmosphere have just the right balance of gases. If this balance was changed in any way ever so slightly, everything on earth would die.


If the current  oxygen level on earth were to rise just a few percent higher, the atmosphere would become unstable and explosive.

Those who adhere to the big bang theory  believe that all matter in the universe was concentrated into something much smaller than the diameter of a pinhead. Then this pinhead exploded and  expanded, and the ordered system of things we see today came out.


It is impossible to have an infinite number of ordered things in creation from an explosion, ordered things, that not only occur once, but constantly replicate themselves over and over for millions of years.  Explosions do not produce order, they destroy order and produce random chaos.


The adult human body contains a hundred trillion cells of various sizes.  Each cell is similar to a supercomputer that is microscopic in size but far more sophistocated.


Living beings are made of cells which are mostly made up of proteins. One cell uses thousands of different kinds of proteins. To get even the simplest cell takes at least 600 different protein molecules. . A typical protein is made from a chain of at least 50 to a thousand amino acids. Some proteins require a chain of thousands of properly sequenced amino acids.  .The amino acids are placed in the exact right order because of a molecule in the cell called DNA.


DNA could be described as a “master blueprint information coded special language” . The chemical letter code in DNA are the set of instructions for the cells' machines on how to correctly assemble amino acids and chains to build protein. If the DNA is not present from the beginning, the amino acids will not be correctly selected and placed in the proper order and cells could not have any existence at all.The information stored in one DNA is thousands of time greater than a micro silicon chip. DNA is crudely comparable to a computer program, but it is too advanced than anything a human mind can create.


There is no chance of  ANY CHANCE  being involved in this creation.


Evolutionists have no answer for the existence of consciousness, or for the immune system.


The human brain is the most complex and orderly arrangement of matter in the universe. The adult human brain contains  a hundred thousand billion electrical connections.


On the back of the eyeball is the retina. It contains 137 light sensitive cells all of which are wired to the brain.  If  the human eye were off even by a slight degree one would not see properly.


All of these facts and there are hundreds and thousands more, point to the conclusion that we were created by an intelligent designer.


 It is not chance, and there is no chance that manages to sustain,repeat and replicate itself perfectly every moment, every day, indefinitely.


The next big question is – How does it help? How does it help or matter that there is a God, an   intelligent designer, who made us for a purpose, and for what purpose?


The existing scriptures of the ancients tell us that God wanted a relationship with his creation, which is the reason behind creation, and the purpose for human beings is to develop that relationship. In each living thing God put a divine spark of himself. The Vedas  call this divine spark the purusha. It is the size of a thumb and resides in the human heart, God in that sense wanted to relate to God.


The relationship with God is an internal process of development even whilst involving external processes.


Out of all ancient writings that have been passed down through time, many persons rely on the authoritative scripture of the Vedas, mainly because these writings have been the most well preserved, and contain the greatest consistency and detail. Because the Vedas have been tried and tested and seen to be correct on so many matters like cosmology, astronomy, astrology, physics, chemistry, technology, health, medicine, meditation/yogic instruction , occult rituals and its effects, and other scientific topics, then the major portions of the vedas which deal with “life after death/god/universal beings/creation/ paths to evolve/worship” can also be assumed to contain correct truth and facts, especially those numerous portions of the vedas which carry major confluence and keep repeating the same thing.


It is true that today's science is often playing catchup to the Vedas. There is technology described in the Vedas beyond any capabilities we know of. The Vedas explain  that all knowledge in the Vedas came from God, was spoken by God,


If one is following this superior knowledge particularly the spiritual teachings,  the art of “following and doing” eventually reveals truth of God within oneself as personal experiential realization.


Many well known cosmologists, scientists, astronomers, physicists have believed in the existence of God.  Isaac Newton and Tesla took much   inspiration and invention from the Vedas in the first place, and both believed in the existence of God.


Tesla once said, “The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with it.”


There is a higher statistical percentage of atheists among persons who are non scientific, non intellectual and less intelligent persons.


What is the point  of desiring and developing a relationship with God?


The point is, it is about happiness and not suffering. One can choose one over the other. A person who is innately good, chooses happiness over suffering.  Many choose sense gratification over happiness, but sense gratification falls in the category of “suffering" . To focus on that solely as a reason to live causes beings to be trapped in endless cycles of misery.


A person who denies God,  who lives without God knows not the extent of available happiness or the true extent of their suffering. A person who has spent time working on a relationship with God and then finally discovers the actual happiness knows both ends of the spectrum  (life with God vs life without God) and is better equipped to see the superiority of one over the other.


Because ancient writings like the vedic texts tell us that the magnanimity of happiness and suffering is far greater than what is experienced in the current life, and can last for incalculable ages, then it is a sound principle to live one's life with care and to not overlook the possibility of a very longterm future, which becomes fixed once earthly life has ended.


Therefore to preserve one's body and good health for as long as possible whilst one is alive, in order to maximise opportunity to develop one's mind, inner capabilities and spiritual potentials, is part of taking a sane and virtuous approach to life. Studyng ancient teachings which help one's evolution  is considered  to be a liberating activity, and ensures that one does not have to sink into some lower bodily form after they leave this world.


It has now been proven scientifically that longevity of the human body depends on telomeres, these are parts of the human chromosome. These telomeres get shortened and destroyed as one ages, and when they are too short death occurs. In order to grow longer telomeres and therefore lengthen life, a plant life diet devoid of animal meat is seen to be the only diet which can achieve this, along with some type of regular exercise of which even a daily walk is sufficient. Processed foods, sugar, too much salt, alcohol, drugs, meat and eggs are seen to be completely toxic to telomere growth. Experiments have shown that change in diet, moderate exercise and some daily practice of meditation or peaceful contemplation can enhance lifespan by at least 5 years even if taken up at a very late stage in life.  Also what helps longevity is some type of calorific restriction, to not overeat and to eat only 1 full meal a day at most, with 1 or 2 light nutritious snacks at other times. This and a vitamin rich juice or elixir completes the right diet to extend life and enjoy maximum health and longevity.


For a more Wholistic approach to healthy living one should also have right attitude to God and associate with those persons who keep one inspired to evolve, improve and move closer to liberated happiness.

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