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Anuradha, Lotus in the Mud

by Carl Nelson

Anuradha resides in the heart of Scorpio, the sign most closely related with death and renewal, the reproductive act, and many other secretive, mystical natural processes. This also links Anuradha with things like alchemy, chakras, and the raising of kundalini.


Anuradha is symbolized by the lotus, which hints at its goal of blossoming through whatever 'mud' one is raised in...


Anuradha is gifted at seeing through external facades to uncover universal truths. Working in conjunction with universal law, Anuradha's goal is the universal goal.


People with strong Anuradha tendencies like to form partnerships to achieve common goals. Like Hasta, Anuradha is affiliated with the wheel of dharma, making sure it keeps moving, and fulfilling the law.


This cooperative tendency makes Anuradha's very sympathetic to others, this idea of sympathetic law can often extend into higher realms, causing interest in cosmic law of sympathetic vibration, giving them inherent skill in music, including identifying harmonies, and learning to 'ring in sync' with others.


Under it's influence, people notice deeper truths to life, feeling a sense of connectedness to the universal flow, gradually leading people to strengthen the primordial Kundalini flow up the chakras in the spine.


These people will be interested in transforming their life, to open up spiritual energy latent in their environments.

Also sometimes symbolized by a drum, one that beats the steady, barely conscious rhythm that the cosmos dances to:

Anuradhas are drummers! Or at least wanna-be's!


I feel that the combination of the mud of potentiality, and the blooming lotus also link this Nakshatra with the myth of the churning of the ocean of milk, in which everyone (gods + demons) had to work together to churn the ocean of infinite potentiality, in order to create the elixir of immortality (amrit), lakshmi, goddess of wealth, and many other beautiful things (blooming lotus).


Interesting to note the similarities between Hindu myth of incarnation of Vishnu as a turtle supporting the pillar, and Native American myth of a turtle supporting the world...

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