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Krittika, The Incendiary Spark of the Third Eye

by Carl Nelson

A nakshatra residing in the last part of Aries through the beginning of Taurus... It centers mostly around the Pleiades, (the seven sisters) a constellation revered by the ancients for it's propensity for granting spiritual knowledge.


The 'pleiadians' are generally thought of as people here to help people understand the necessary balance between the physical and spiritual realms.


Ruled by the son of Shiva, the divine warrior-brahmin, Subramanyam (Subraman-Superman? Close enough...)


This nakshatra marks the first transition of spirit into matter, (sanskrit - 'Ka - first principle of matter') the very formation of energy itself. People born with a heavy influence in this constellation will find them selves working on an energetic plane, getting very frustrated if they are not feeling the results they want manifest into physical existence.

This Nakshatra has a lot to do esoterically with the process of preparing food... some food must be cooked to be made ready for consumption, and the art of knowing just how long to cook something before it is 'ripe' is something that takes much inherent knowledge and skill to do. Krittikans must learn to harness this great power of discrimination to work wonders with their own life.


Krittikans always feel an intense drive, to the extent of being a constant subconscious burden, to succeed, to impress, to make more 'sparks fly' then they did the last time, and can get withdrawn, and turn to self-loathing if let to 'stew in their own juices for too long'. Krittikas need physical excercise and activity as they are a constantly active force, being also ruled by the vedic fire god, Agni. (sanskrit 'Ra' - fire energy) Again, if this active force has no place to go, it is liable to self-destruct.


Two other symbols to provide more insight into this character are of it's main symbol, a razor-sharp knife edge, and it's animal, a peacock. The razor is indicative not only of it's intense almost militaristic self-drive, but also it's need to keep trimming the edges of the self until it is in perfect shape. It acts like a skilled surgeon with a scalpel, removing the evil toxins from otherwise healthy tissue. Hardly any other nakshatra is as concerned with self-purification, not only physically, but mentally. The peacock is a symbol of the inner drive to display it's greatness outwards, to inspire others (inciting a spark in them). It goes without saying that krittikans are generally gifted in inciting others to act. Changing the universal tides (relationship with the moon, planet of tides and emotion).


The emotional plane is where intense krittikas stuggle at times. The moon is exalted in this nakshatra, as the emotions are felt intensely, and passion is key. This can be an extremely intuitive and psychically sensitive (when purified) nakshatra. Due to their intense drive, intolerance of imperfections, and highly strung, anxious mental nature, Krittikans can be very prone to psychological burn out, hypertension, and self-destructive behavior. This is especially common when the moon is receiving an aspect from mars or rahu or another malefic. Although they struggle with finding their emotional niche, by mid-life, they are generally stable and become powerful achievers in society.


Krittikas are literally the warriors of the universe, struggling to uphold and spread their own ideas and values. Krittikas at their best are part of the sage counsel of the stars, keepers of dharma through ceremony, (agni was the receiver of sacrifice in the pantheon, god of the fire ceremony for purification of karma) and action.


The other symbol of krittika is the sheep or lamb, signifying their giving nature, and also a possible link with the sacrificial lamb (relationship with sacrifice to the gods, as well as self-sacrificing nature, also spiritual warrior.) The image of the paschal lamb comes to mind.


Krittikans also are very closely related to the myths of Sanat Kumara, the sage who lives in the secret city of Shambhala of the Buddhist and Hindu tradition, which is located in the astral realms among the Himalayas. Sanat Kumara is said to be the guardian of the divine fire.


Karthikeya is the overseer of that very spark of life that pervades all of us, allowing any biological functions to have the energy to work.


Also being the commander of the celestial armies, I see Karthikeya a little akin to the Norse Odin, commanding his armies of Valkyries, another heavenly host.


Samurai and their obsession with honor, respect, order, and the way of the sword is very Krittikan.



Famous Krittikans: Lion-O of the thundercats with his legendary intuitive sword of omens. (even his hair looks like a  (even his hair looks like a krittikan's!...)


I feel that through the placement of this constellation at the mid point of the physical head (aries) and eyes/face (taurus), also with the fact that the planet representing mind (moon) is exalted here, and the pleiades representing spiritual knowledge, I believe that this nakshatra has a lot to do with the esoteric knowledge, and intense, purifying fire that arises from the opening of the third eye, through kundalini control. It is said after all that Karthikeya emerged from Lord Shiva's third eye.


So all you Krittikans need to meditate on your third eye's, cleanse your aura and gain a light-body!

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