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Michael Jackson - Chandra Lagna

by Veno


Michael Jackson, born afternoon/eve of 29 August 1958,Gary, Indiana



Sun - Magha, Moon - Purvabhadrapada, Mars - Krittika, Mercury - Magha,Venus - Ashlesha, Jupiter - Chitra, Saturn - Jyestha, Rahu - Chitra, Ketu - Aswini




There are many astrological profiles based on different birthtimes for Michael Jackson. The Moon Chart alone however can reveal many aspects of a native’s life and personality. Moon Chart representing the subjective experience can reveal more of how he viewed his life experience. The Rasi chart would confirm more strongly how events unfolded for him.



Analyzing the chart from Chandra Lagna we find the Moon occupies the constellation of Purva Bhadrapada, if we go by Michael and his mother that he was born after sunset.


Purva Bhadrapada is represented by a two faced man and can often give a very different persona in public and private life. It is a very intense impulse and makes one burn with dedication to their cause.It can indicate a secret fascination for the darker more mysterious sides of existence. Purva Bhadrapada represents the pinnacle of Jupiterian influence and when afflicted can give rise to much mental suffering due to the high idealism inherent in this constellation. In Aquarius it shows one possesses a philosophical bent of mind, preoccupied with humanitarian or far out concepts and ideas.


Besides Saturn, some astrologers use Rahu as a natural co ruler for Aquarius.In many ways Rahu was a very significant force in Michael Jackson’s life. As a colleague pointed out, he may very well have been born earlier in the day when Moon occupied Shatabishak and this would lend more weight to the role Rahu played in his life. He had sold more albums at certain points than anyone in history and his Fame was like no others. This type of exaggerated phenomena is usually associated with the nodes. Rahu already an expansive planet is doubly increased by being conjunct Jupiter (planet of expansion) which is 11th lord (expansion).His 11th lord (mass sales) occupied a strong position in the most fortunate of houses, 9th house, aspecting his Ascendant Full Moon which is carrying Jupiter's energy being placed in that nakshatra, and Jupiter and Rahu also aspecting the 5th house of Fame.


His Moon in Ascendant is aspected by the 7th lord Sun sitting in the kingly nakshatra of Magha in Leo in its own sign, blazing ever so brightly conjunct the 5th lord Mercury, which is made even stronger by its retrograde aspect and it is not suffering from combustion. Mercury and Sun occupy the super fast acting Ketu nakshatra which wants to give results quickly as possible and brought him Fame from a very young age. Ketu is also rendered strong in its own nakshatra conjunct a powerful 3rd (dancing/music) and 10th (career) lord Mars which is occupying its own sign in the Sun's nakshatra. 10th lord Mars with Ketu is mutually aspecting Jupiter Rahu producing tremendous momentum.


He had impeccable control over his bodily movement, Mars and Ketu indicate it was a strong past life talent in the third house of mobility.Mars nakshatra Krittika (good for punch and rhythm). He was a pioneer (Aries). His Sun (karaka for body)is with the very dexterous Mercury. For dancers the 12th house is important because it represents feet, and Ascendant lord Saturn ruling 12th house sits in the tenth house aspected by 3rd lord Mars. Saturn is also placed in Mar's sign in the constellation of Mercury. Saturn in Jyestha works very hard, but when it shows its results it can appear magical or indicate some supernatural forces acting through the vehicle of the body (1st and 12th lord). Jyestha is bestowed on one, as a result of much past life penance, and will give one a particular status (Jyestha being the "eldest" or most respected) that is hard to match.


During Saturn Dasa he achieved sensationalism for his Moon walk. Saturn is aspecting his Moon which carries the illusionary artistry of Jupiter in Chitra being in Jupiter's nakshatra. He did have fun with his ghoulish image (a very Purvabhadrapada theme), which he expressed in his "Thriller"video, perhaps one of his most remembered portrayals.


Saturn's strength in the chart had to also act out in negative ways because Saturn occupies its enemy sign aspected by enemy planet Mars and Scorpio is a complex sign emotionally and psychologically. Saturn matures in a person's life at 35 years of age, so once Saturn matured it was ready to cloud his 10th house; and his reputation as he got older suffered controversies and attacks. It was in 1993, his 35th year that he was accused of child abuse.


The nature of Jyestha (Saturn's constellation) is that it inclines one to teeter between extremes of penance/discipline versus indulgence . He was disciplined on many levels, although he developed an addiction to medically prescribed drugs { 2nd lord with Rahu in Venusian sign with Venus in 6th house of medical treatment }.


Aquarius gave him an unusual persona and sacrificing spirit. He was seen many times to be eccentric, reclusive and troubled. These qualities are reflected in his 6th lord moon occupying Purvabhadrapada and the nature of Scorpio where his Ascendant and 12th lord Saturn sits. His Moon, a soft, feminine, gentle energy is also a caring and helpful impulse in his chart which also shined through his personality.His speech was always very sweet, which could be attributed to the strong Venusian placement of his 2nd lord with diplomatic Rahu. It helped his poetic expression in singing and songwriting, along with powerful Mercury (speech, writing) and a powerful third house (singing, writing).


He had an obsessive need to remodel his face and underwent extensive surgery to achieve his ideal beauty. Rahu being an expansive insatiable desire force conjunct expansive Jupiter ruling 2nd house of the face and strong 11th desire house gives rise to the impulse to create and create (chitra trait). Libra is very idealistic and seeks perfection and harmony of form. Libra falls in the 9th house of spirituality, so it indicates desire to attain an idealized spiritual form that others could also idealize. Jupiter occupies an enemy sign Libra, and Libra's lord Venus (planet of beauty) sits in the deceptive constellation of Ashlesha in the 6th house of struggles producing dissatisfaction. Benefics in 6th house often give rise to problems. Chitra's lord Mars directly opposes Rahu and Jupiter and occupies the constellation of the knife Krittika, and is conjunct Ketu in Aswini in early degree, an impulse that constantly tries to rejuvenate but is reckless.


Jyestha, the nakshatra of his Ascendant lord Saturn is a very protective nakshatra and fiercely wants to protect others, which was a responsibility he took seriously, in regards to the masses (Saturn aspecting 4th house), himself (Saturn aspecting Ascendant), his reputation (Saturn in 10th), his privacy (Saturn aspecting 8th lord), and those whom he really loved (Saturn aspecting Sun and Mercury in the 7th house) including children (Mercury being 5th lord).


Saturn occupies Mercury's nakshatra pushing his Saturn into the limelight, but also raising intrigue and trouble (Scorpio) through his connection with young boys (5th and 8th lord Mercury with 7th lord Sun). Mercury and Sun are reflecting the young innocent energy of Ketu being in Ketu's nakshatra.Ketu is also placed with youthful male planet Mars.


The notoriety regarding sexual misconduct overshadowed his life and career. Mercury is the 8th lord (hidden actions) and 5th lord (children) with the Sun, 7th lord (intimate relations) and aspected by Saturn, 12th lord and 6th lord Moon . So the 1st, 5th, 6th,7th, 8th & 12th are strongly connected. The dusthana influence creates confusion and can  impact negatively.


He seemed reticent about sexuality with Saturn in the complex Scorpio.Venus (natural karaka for love) is in the 6th house of struggle. It can be said his motives towards children were very pure because his Ketu, the dispositor of Sun 7th lord conjunct Mercury 5th lord ( relationship with chidren) are in Aswini, the most pure and innocent of nakshatras. His noble ideals regarding children (Jupiter, karaka for children) were tainted though by Rahu as was his 5th house.


Rahu and Jupiter gave him great focus, delight and obssession with childish pasttimes, and was the influence which inspired him to build his wonderland mansion, these architectural planets aspecting natural karaka for property  Mars.


His legal controversies with children incurred alot of expenditure. Rahu the planet of greed, is disturbing Jupiter (natural karaka for children and legal matters) and second lord (money).His 12th lord is aspecting his 5th (children) and 8th (scandal) lord, showing expenditures thereby and his 12th lord also aspects his 6th lord (legalities) which is mutually aspecting with the 5th lord (involving children). Saturn in Jyestha in 10th representing authority, shows the problems with authority as well as 8th lord afflicting the Sun (authority).


His adoption of children is indicated by 6th lord (adoption) aspecting 5th lord and his jupiter natural karaka for children conjunct rahu in 9th house indicating new lessons in fatherhood which was quite an obssessive focus.


He had two very short lived marriages. His Sun and Mercury in 7th aspected by Saturn 12th lord and 6th lord cannot sustain married life, although it can give high profile partners. That Sun and Mercury occupy the premature Ketu ruled nakshatras, indicate impulsive marriage and also their short longevity. Divorce is also due to 8th lord being conjunct Sun. Marriage 7th lord conjunct 5th lord children, tied these two affairs of life together.


His younger sister shared in quite a large degree of fame and emulated his musical and dance style as noted by 10th lord Mars placement in the third house (Mars being natural karaka for siblings). His childhood fame, associated with his elder siblings and father, is noted by his Jupiter (11th lord of brothers, 2nd lord of family) with Rahu in the 9th house (Father) aspecting his Moon (early childhood) in Ascendant (debut) and his Mercury (5th lord) being with Sun (Father) in Ketu's fast acting degree and constellation also aspecting Moon in Ascendant.


He felt enmity towards his father. His 9th lord (father) Venus is in his 6th house (enmity), and his Sun (father) is with his 8th lord (violence) aspected by 12th lord Saturn and 6th lord Moon. Presence of Father's love was there to an extent, but also an intense driving ambition to achieve fame and fortune (Sun conjunct 5th lord dispositored by Ketu conjunct Mars in 3rd, 11th lord and Rahu in 9th).


Michael Jackson's sudden demise at age 50 shocked the world. Aquarius Ascendants are slightly fragile , because Saturn rules both the 1st and 12th house. Saturn (natural karaka for longevity) is getting harmed by Mars inimical influence, and 6th lord Moon in 1st aspected by 8th lord and 12th lord indicates constant health struggles.His death was sudden and the premature nature of his longevity has alot to do with Ketu in his chart which tended to give premature sudden results. Ketu is a natural karaka for death and the nakshatra lord of his Mercury (8th lord).


He suffered from vitiligo which caused a whitening of his skin. He had to apply some effort to whiten his skin further to maintain appearance. His 6th lord Moon (ruling white colour) is in his Ascendant aspecting Mercury (skin), and Venus (white colour) is in his 6th house in Mercury's nakshatra. Venus also carries the energy of the artificial planet Rahu, also known to cause unusual ailments. He suffered from back problems which is a Saturn related problem, Saturn in the 10th house aspected by 3rd lord Mars. The vulnerability of his heart is evidenced by 4th lord in 6th, and 8th lord conjunct Sun (heart) aspected by 6th and 12th lords, as well as Saturn 12th lord aspecting 4th house.


Death by heartattack can be seen with 8th lord (death) conjunct Sun (heart) in a fiery sign, occupying the constellation of fiery Ketu (natural significator of endings) which is placed in the fiery sign Aries with a powerful acting Mars. His death was related to a needle (Ketu with Mars in Krittika) putting poisons in his body (aspecting 2nd lord of nourishment Jupiter conjunct Rahu).


His legacy (8th house) , both his creative work and his controversies, 5th and 8th lord Mercury, are still dazzling the spotlight because of Mercury's conjunction with the Sun.His memory in the public’s mind is certain to keep rejuvenating in powerful bursts, Ketu, one of the karakas for 8th being in Aswini.


In determining his correct Ascendant one would need to take certain points into consideration. His third house should have the presence of feminine influences to indicate the immense fame for a younger sister. He lived in a great deal of fantasy and spent much money on charity which denotes some strong 12th house planets. His worldly reputation was not so much Scorpio as seen from the Moon Chart but as the unequalled "King of Pop" indicating more of a Leo influence on his 10th house. He wanted to create a futuristic empire in his personal environment which gives alot of emphasis to the 4th house.

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