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Venus - The Most Beautiful

by Veno

Parashara says “venus is charming,has a splendorous physique, is excellent or great in disposition, has charming eyes, is a poet, is phlegmatic and windy, and has curly hair.”


Venus is the brightest planet in the night sky. It shines like a silvery star. Venus is a planet that inspires great hope, love and desire. It is the planet of beauty. It is the force of attraction in the universe thus bringing things together to form a perfect whole. This force is Love.


Venus’ importance stretches back to all ancient civilizations. For Mayans, Venus was the most important planet. Their entire religion and calendar was based around this bright planet. To Egyptians, the Venus or Ankh symbol represented immortality. To the Greeks Venus was Aphrodite, the great goddess of love and beauty, the daughter of heaven and sea. The story of the churning of the ocean in the Vedas is about the struggle to possess Venus,the nectar of immortality. Venus is Laxmi in its highest form, the companion of Vishnu and the highest feminine energy.


Venus is exalted in the mercurial constellation of Revati, in Pisces, the 12th sign showing Venus’s importance in final liberation or moksha. Mars is blood, but Venus is the life in the blood, one is only truly alive (shakti awakens) through devotion and love for God.


Venus is all things aesthetic, balance, harmony, colour, proportion. For artists, Venus represents the the evolutionary step to surpass one’s capabilities in an effort to reflect the divine, the beauty of creation, the beauty of divine love, harmony or perfection. In nature Venus is the perfection of form, the golden mean spiral.


Venus rules the astrological signs of Taurus and Libra. In Libra Venus represents loving relationships, harmony, balance, justice and judgement. Venus rules the bull sign of Taurus, great fertility, the bull having a strong relationship to Krishna, the protector of cows or the mother, giver of life. In Taurus Venus is the life giver, food, money, or wealth. No matter who they are, Deva, Asura, everybody wants Venus or Laxmi on their side. The greatest wars are fought over Venus. Venus is the feminine ideal, the ultimate woman, which all men seek. Venus represents enjoyment of all kinds, Lila being the highest enjoyment for the highest enjoyer, Vishnu.


Venus rules the constellation of Bharani. In this constellation we see Venus’s power to grant life or death. Venus key like shape relates to its ability to unlock the gates of death, which is how Venus is viewed by the hermetic orders . Venus is associated with Bharani’s symbol the vulva representing birth, fertility , primal sexuality. Venus rules semen and sexuality and is directly related to conception and birth. Venus’ rulership of the constellation of Purvaphalguni, manifests in the delight for procreation and creativity. In Purva Ashadha, Venus is the high priestess, the bride of heaven, the immortal one, the sheer delight to be alive, to live forever, the healing powers of the waters of life,the spirit of rejuvenation. Venus thus rules the 2nd, 11th, and 20th constellation, 2 in numerology relates to partnership. We are all partners seeking marriage or union with the divine.


Venus is called Shukra in Sanskrit meaning white or bright. Her metal is copper and silver and her gem is diamond. Two songs in modern times “Diamonds are a Girl’s best friend” and the James Bond theme song “Diamonds are forever” are uncannily astute in illustrating Venus’ power. Venus rules Friday and the Southeast direction. Venus matures in everyone’s life at the age of 25.


Venus is a brahmin planet and associated with Shukra Charya , the guru of the demons. Venus bestows profound knowledge, which cannot be accessed through the intellect alone. But When Venus and Mercury combine it is the alchemical marriage. Venus is in her fall in Virgo ( the sign which sits opposite Venus’s exaltation sign Pisces), a sign ruled by Mercury , the planet associated with Lord Vishnu. Venus cannot play Mercury’s role and needs Mercury in order to become magical or alchemical. This is also inferred by venus exaltation in Revati, a constellation ruled by Mercury. Pisces is the sign of sacrifice, and Virgo is the willingness to serve. Like the Hangman in the tarot deck,service and great sacrifice (sacrifice of the individual ego) is required, in order to access the true powers of Venus. Even the symbol of Christ on the cross a Virgoan/Piscean archetype, his head crowned by rose thorns, can be said to depict the Venus symbol. Christ ‘s crucifixion is symbolic of the Highest Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Sacrifice (Piscean traits) in the Christian tradition.


Venus is a great benefic, and the Aswini Kumaras could not have harnessed the power to raise the dead without receiving Venus’ great blessings, so it is understood that Venus, though unspokenly is closely related to the first constellation Ashwini, just as Venus is strongly related to the last constellation Revati. Venus is the first and the last, birth,death, and beyond…


In Jyotish Venus is the greatest judge, the greatest artist and produces the greatest astrologers. No guru is worth his salt without Venus’s help, because Venus represents one’s ability to harmonize with the Divine. Although Jupiter rules sound and ears, it is Venus which is the living potency of sound, thus Venus is related to the saying of mantras.


Venus is so bright and yet so fleeting. Laxmi serves both the devas and asuras at different times in the mythological history, but it is said one cannot hold onto Laxmi for very long. She always sits by Vishnu… Venus (Laxmi) cannot function at her best without true intelligence (Mercury/Vishnu) which is why Venus is only really alchemical when she is with Mercury. Prana (Mercury) must work with shakti (Venus) for her to awaken and flourish.


Vishnu is also Narayana the Sun. This shows there is an important connection between Sun and Venus. Sun is in its fall in Venus’ sign Libra. Even the supreme power planet is lost in Venus’ embrace,just as Krishna is lost in Radha. Vishakha, the final constellation of Libra is associated with Radha’s yearning which entrances Krishna above all other devotees, and precedes the constellation of “Anuradha” or “following Radha”. The highest illumination of the Sun, or the soul is Venus, Love.


The Libran scales of justice can also be seen in the constellation Bharani. The god of death Yama who presides over this constellation also holds the scales, showing Venus’s power of justice. Although Saturn is the planet normally associated with justice, one can see that Saturn and Venus have a special relationship in that regard, particularly as Libra is Saturn’s exaltation sign. In Vedic mythology it is Radha (Venus) (justice personified) who finally brings devotees to the feet of Krishna (Mercury).


Venus is ultimately that part of us which is striving to merge , to become perfect,to become whole, liberation. Venus is “the most beautiful”.

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