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The Number 3 - Astrology, Alchemy & Revolution

by Veno

"My ancestors lived beneath the sea

One night great grandfather visited me

Te'aroa was his name and out of the sea he came

He showed me he was three circles of light

I marvelled at this and realised my plight

I was a triangle stuck to a square

But grandfather said when I grew more aware

When my spirit grew strong as a tree

I would become just like he, the power of three"



3 is most sacred in nature and creation and in all occult division

3 or its multiple is perfection and completion


3 is the holy vedic trinity - Brahma -Vishnu -Shiva

Osiris- Isis- Horus

Father- Son and Holy Ghost


Holy Ghost is shakti, she who breathes life into the 3 spinal channels

and bursts open the heavens of the sahastrara flower/chakra


3 stripes of Shiva,a trident in his hand and his third eye of power


The ring of the circle is 360 degrees = 120 x 3


12 signs of the zodiac, each 30 degrees

  World ages, 24000 years,


Moon's diameter 2160 miles = 720 x3


Speed of light , 144000 miles per second = 48000 x3


A team of ufo's was sighted with a flight path of 30 degree spacings


The great solar and precessional cycles resonate to 3


The lunar year cycle is 360 days


There are 3 constellations that guide humanity - Sirius, Orion, Pleiades

Sirius & Orion fall in Gemini, the 3rd zodiac sign

Pleiades falls in the 3rd nakshatra, Krittika


In alchemy a 3rd one is required to transmute lead into gold

The third one is Mercury or one of Mercurial nature


3 is planet Mercury

Who rules the 3rd sign Gemini

Who rules the 27th nakshatra Revati


Revati falls in the

last third degree part of the 12th sign

Mercury is of god Vishnu, the supreme ruler

Revati is of Vishnu and the final resting place i.e. moksha


Mercury is a hermaphrodite , it has no sexual gender bias,

A mix of male and female

It can change into anything , the mutable one


Earth (the third dimension) is the mutable one

Amongst the 3 divisions Heaven - Earth - Hell

It is the passage where one can go

From lower to higher planes


Mercury is Thoth/Hermes,

His symbol= 2 entwined serpents around a winged caduceus

Are the 3 channels of the kundalini axis


The 3 channels carry the kundalini to its

Final place through the central channel

Where left and right energies merge and a hermaphrodite is born


The caduceus is Thoth's magic wand

He is master of this serpent

That Hermes confronted

Called Rahu and Ketu


3 is for Merlin/Myrrdin

'Mer' is for Mercury

Merlin's emerald tablets are Mercury's stones

Like Hermes emerald tablets

Like the book of Thoth

Like the stone tablets of Hopi White Brother

These stones are words of God


The one who is Hermes, who is Thoth, who is Merlin,

Who is Odin, who is Vishnu

Who is Queztacoatl- the winged serpent bird

Thoth, the ibis headed man with his

'Winged disk caduceus'

Or 'Sun with wings'

Or 'Sun and Gemini' (Gemini rules feathered kingdom)


3 is Mercury, is Gemini, is lord of language

Is lord of tongue

As in language of 'om'


Language is a weapon for darkness or light

The tower of Babel was the first spiritual decline through language

English won't keep the demons at bay

But Sanskrit is the language of gods


Enlightenment depends on Mercury, Lord of discrimination

Mercury is Lord of prana, the spiritual food

Its conduits in the body are the 72,000 nadis = 24,000 x 3


One raises shakti through 'will'

The will of fire, Mars

Mars signifies the third house

& helps turn lead into gold


It is Kartikkeya

The ruler of Krittika, (the 3rd constellation)

The general of the army,

The divine warrior

The strength


Is also war


Beyond the sahastrara

Lie the secret three

Who, once awakened

Confer eternal youth


These 3 secret chakras control the pineal gland

The pineal gland is ruled by

The 3rd sign Gemini

In the constellation Ardra

  Ardra is like Shiva

The Lord of the third eye

The pineal gland controls the third eye


Shiva is Rudra, god of the arrow

Both Vishnu and Shiva relate to Gemini,

Who can tell them apart?


With Osiris - Isis -Horus

Or Shiva- Parvati-Ganesh

The son is the liberator

Let us not be bereft of a son,

Where there is no 3rd one to propitiate the gods of our ancestors

And ensure our salvation


21 is

The World Card, The Fool's long journey has come to an end

He is no longer a fool

But a hermaphrodite,


Part male and female


'2' in '21' is for Osiris and Isis

'1' is for Horus, the 3rd one


Horus, the spiritual redeemer, the hero of illuminati

His eye atop a pyramid, 33 degrees of power


The pyramids (and their 3 geometry) of Giza

Lie on 30 degree latitude

More than 12,000 years have passed

And they still stand


3 is immortal

Take a map and pen and draw

A pyramid's shadow over England

This marks a centre called Venonae

A mirror of the galactic centre

It honours the great spirit

Who awakens

The slumbering earth


Who knows what secrets lie in 'Ireland', land of fire, (mars)

The 'Emerald Isle'?


3 works for darkness or light

If 3 holds life, then its antithesis lives too

In 666, the number of the beast, Lucifer, the shining one

  666 is the number of the Sun, the Sun's rotation

Sun is 3 in many ways


It is Vishnu as Narayana

It is lord of 3rd, 12th and 21st nakshatras


21 years of age is when Sun matures in man

And 999 is the number of man


In the spiritual war there are 3 on either side

3 reveals his name and all his qualities

Like Hermes Trismesgistus,

Called the 'thrice great', the one who was '3 parts

Wisdom of the whole world '

The chosen one will be born on a day of 3

3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th, or the 3rd month


He will be of Mercury, Gemini,Ardra

3 is his life pattern

The way Jesus came

Into the world with 3 magi blessings

Began his mission in his 30th year

Crucified in his 33rd year

Died and rose to life 3 days later

12 disciples

His symbol, the sign of the fishes


The 12th sign Pisces

In the precessional age of Pisces

The Hopi White Brother will come as 3

2 helpers by his side

Lord Kalki will come with his 2 wives

Waving a sword on a white horse

He is the balancer who holds the power of Saturn,

The one who redeems our karma

Through subtle means

His name means 'word of god'


His wives are his horse and sword

The sword is Gemini

The horse is the serpent, Rahu and Ketu

Or the life blood Mars

Or the Pegasus with wings,

The sea horse


The pineal gland


3 is the highest word in heaven

Kalki is all things 3


And every third year of your life is a window to god

2001, a year of cosmic alignment

30-12-2001 = Moon, Jupiter, Earth, Sun joining hands in the galactic centre,

Sowing the seeds for a revolution

That will lead the world

In the 21st century into

The golden age


A turning point = 2010 = 2+0+1+0 =3


On may 21st, 2012

Is the conjunction of Sun/Pleiades

(Pleiades where the 3rd constellation lies)


The Mayan calendar ends

Exactly on 21-12-2012

The day after = 2+2-1+2-2+0+1+2 = 3 = the winter solstice,

The 22nd day of the 12th month

Is the dawn of the new age This is The World Card


Tripura Bhairavi

Tripura Sundari are also there


They are like Venus,

The secret knower of sanjivini, bringing dead to life


Venus is the 'morning star '

Who is the 3rd Tarot card

'The Empress'

Who is the bounty of spring,

Which begins on the spring equinox

21st of the 3rd month


Empress is shakti, who is Venus, who is life,

Who is the serpent,

Who allows all creation

To flow and exist


oh Vishnu, you are the preserver because of Laxmi only, oh Laxmi, who sits at the feet (pisces, 12th sign)

of vishnu (who controls the serpent)


And each of the 27 nakshatras has a

3rd hidden ruler

Mercury, secret lord of Purva Ashadha,

Shani, hidden lord of Bharani, is like Thoth, the 'great balancer'

Venus, hidden one of Aswini,


Who knows about these things

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