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Libra Ascendant & Planet Saturn

by Veno

Saturn being the lord of both 4th (quadrant) and 5th (trine) becomes a Rajayogakaraka.  Saturn is considered benefic even in a weak chart and it gives Libra Ascendants a powerful heart when well placed.


The chart of Padre Pio illustrates the beneficent nature of Saturn.





Padre Pio was a Capuchin priest from Italy and venerated as a saint in the Catholic Church. He was famous for his stigmata and performed many miracles in his life. He was said to be very compassionate to those that suffered and a lot of his supernatural experiences, some which took a very extreme toll on his being were thought to be a way for him to take on the suffering of others as an act of sacrifice. He was said to be  intensely devoted to God.


In his chart Saturn occupies the auspicious and religious 9th house and is conjunct Ascendant lord Venus and 10th lord Moon creating very powerful Rajayogas. It is getting aspected by natural benefic Jupiter.  9th lord  Mercury is also exchanging with Venus 8th lord in the chart adding more mystical intensity to the combination.  Saturn is vargottama and very well placed in Gemini's sign. Saturn is ruling the 9th house from both Surya and Chandra lagna making his Saturn extremely dharmic in its motivations and shows his heart was very centred on service to the Divine.  His Saturn carries moksha giving powers because it is the sign lord of mokshakaraka ketu.

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