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Conscious Living 

by Veno

"Each man is set on this strange eventful journey called life. He has been sent into this world with a purpose. Once that purpose is served, the earth has no more need of him. It is the case with all of us, even me…"

- Krishna (Quoted from Mahabharata)




It is the duty and guiding light of every human being to know with certainty his/her true purpose in life and to follow it unflinchingly.


Astrology is called the "Eye of the Vedas". This reference to Astrology in ancient texts is overlooked by even the most devout exponents and followers of eastern philosophical thought and spirituality.


Astrology is the "Eye of the Vedas" because it is an important means by which one can know their purpose, without relying on luck, chance, logic, personal intuition, societal conditioning and all the other things a person deprived of astrological knowledge relies on to get through life.


Life-Purpose is not just one's spiritual path, one's role in society, one's career, one's karmic responsibilities, the development of one's raw talents… it is all of these and more…


Without the help of our personal roadmap or horoscope we invariably get lost. There are very few born among us who can walk the right path without it.


Unless the mind (moon), soul (sun & atmakaraka), ego (sun) and intellect (mercury) function within us in perfect harmony, the tendency to fall off the path is inevitable, and finding one's way back on it can take several lifetimes. The mind, soul, ego and intellect can only function in perfect harmony in the fully enlightened soul which leaves 99.99% of the world's population at risk of losing their way.


The first role of the horoscope is to show us the correct path. The second role of the horroscope is to show us the pitfalls that take us off the correct path. The third role of the horoscope is to show us the right time for action and inaction. Inappropriate timing will not get one far even if the correct life purpose is known.


Because of our actions and choices in previous lives we are born into certain conditions in the present life, some are pleasant, some are difficult, some are the worst kind of conditions for any one to have to endure.. .…We have to follow our true purpose under any circumstance and make the best of what we have …


When the horoscope shows disharmony of planetary forces which give rise to birth in unpleasant conditions, these planetary forces are also a reflection of different aspects of our inner being which are working "out- of- sync" - it will take an individual a few trials and mistakes before he learns how to manage these forces pulling inside of him this way and that way, depending on how much power these negative forces (afflicted planets) have in the horoscope to create conflict. The disharmony in a person may be due to weak mind, weak intellect, weak soul, weak ego, weak will, particular perversions of one's psyche …all of which find their root in previous lives...


Even when the correct path is known through the horoscope there is always a tendency for the "ego" and "outside influences" to want to lead the person away from their correct path. A person under the influence of disparate forces in the horoscope will want to be what he/she is not, and will go where he/she should not go, will not be able to discern the inner voice of wisdom from the false voices inside and outside of themselves.


The more afflicted the chart, the less the person will be impelled to follow the correct path, and therefore penance and discipline become essential. Affliction in the chart is not simply referring to individual planets that are afflicted. It relates to the relationship planets form with each other in the chart, how well the horoscope is integrated as a whole.


One must recognise the trouble makers in the horoscope and use the power of the will and discipline to negate these wrong inner impulses and urges. One must also apply correct remedial measures (calling upon the grace of higher universal forces) to lessen the negative power of these conflicting energies.


Simply having knowledge of astrology is not enough until we take the responsibility to apply it. This is called "Conscious Living". This is using our free will.

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