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Capricorn Ascendant & Planet Venus

by Veno

Venus as lord of 5th & 10th is a RajaYogakaraka for Capricorn Ascendant and is capable of bestowing much fame and status. When powerful it makes one a ruler.


Srila Prabhupada is a Gaudiya Vaishnava guru and founder of the Hare Krishna movement which exploded in the 60's.  Prabhupada was a charismatic leader, a prolific writer and attracted millions of followers.


















Venus attains strong neechabhanga and is conjunct exalted Mercury in the 9th house of spirituality, religion and teaching establishing Prabhupada's spiritual reputation and devotion to Radha-Krishna. Devotion to Krishna is also seen because of Moon exalted in  Venus's sign Taurus in the 5th house.  Venus's occupation of Virgo takes away its sensual aspect and gives a more science analytical understanding. Venus is rendered  powerful because both exalted Moon and exalted Saturn occupy its signs. It is also having nakshatra exchange with a strong Sun occupying its own sign.  It is a rare and  powerful chart.

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