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Chitra, The Secret of the Pearl

by Carl Nelson

Chitra Nakshatra: To be born with emphasis on chitra nakshatra is to be deeply engrossed in trying to find the meaning behind the secret functionings of the universe. Chitras main task is to see through the many veils of illusion in the universe, it is akin to vishnu reclining on his serpent bed, who holds the realization that the universe is a constant unfolding of his dream state.


Chitra contains the star Spica, called "the star of prosperity" by the ancients.


Chitra types do well with learning tantric principals, and fulfilling physical desires becomes something to work through on the path to higher thought. The mind must be free of all desires before liberation can occur. Chitra's usually struggle and unfortunately often become either completely repressed sexually or completely over-sexed. Neither of these extremes are healthy or balanced to the body-mind-spirit, and Chitra needs a balance in this department in order to work through strong subconscious urges that can tear a weaker psyche to emotional bits.


Chitra is ruled by Mars, and due to it's passionate, highly sexed nature, is ruled by the female tiger:


Chitra is related to prajapati, the ancient sky father god, one who creates the many levels of reality and illusion. Many believe it was this prajapati that evolved into the form of "lord of the creatures" known as 'shiva' that is seen so readily seen. This would make sense as chitra, with it's desire control and the tiger symbology can all be seen here:


(it is common knowledge to shaivites that the mat shiva meditates on is a tiger skin, symbolizing human passions finally mastered, thus leading to great mental liberation.)


How chitra creates is interesting enough... The symbol of chitra is two fold, the diamond and the pearl: The diamond is the symbol of the trials and tribulations the mind must go through in order to be hardened enough to cut through the maya (illusion) of cosmic play (everyday "reality"; a little like the matrix, eh?) Thus, the chitra must come to terms with every aspect of the rough stone of the mind, chipping away at the impurities as they come along, until finally, the focus of the one-mind is strong enough to realize what can be the most enlightening and simultaneous frightening thing... the ultimate reality, the self. This is the meaning of the diamond.


Chitra is the sign most closely associated with magic, and must learn to balance delicate mental principals, working through a web of sometimes conflicting web of knowledge and symbols, learning to manifest things through the astral side of existence. It deals in a world of mental weight and preconception, with an urge to clarify and discover infinite potentiality with a mind tempered by deep wisdom.


The Pearl is the other symbol of this nakshatra, it again, indicates several aspects of this star which the ancients held in deep reverence for its mysticism... As discussed earlier, chitra is a extremely creative nakshatra, but where does its creativity come from? Most philosophies agree that the urge to create comes from an unconscious feeling of incompleteness, or dissatisfaction with the present situation. This is akin to the lesson of the pearl, in which it is such a beautiful creation, but actually is formed from the irritation of the oyster. What starts out as the woe of the oyster, eventually becomes a beautiful creation. It is found then, that most people with heavy chitra affiliation find their most creative moments come from their most troubled times. At their lowest hour, they receive a spark of divine inspiration, and take it to a higher level. Also, one will note that most chitras, as well as their creations themselves will contain more than a touch of melancholy, as more advanced chitra types (realizing their own inner workings) will often times force themselves to the extremes of (often unpleasant) emotional entrenchment, in order to find that grain of sand. Chitra's suffering then, in turn, becomes their ultimate beauty.

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