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5TH House - The Astrologer's Chair

by Veno

For astrologers it is useful to note the 5th house of the client as it plays a major part in how the client receives advice. If the 5th house is strong, exalted,under benefic influences, the astrologer can expect the advice to be well received. For example if a client has mercury in the 5th house in the constellation of aswini , the reading is likely to transpire quickly, without too much fuss. If the client's 5th house has saturn in virgo, then the astrologer may find their reading for the client a little pedantic and more thorough than usual. If the client has jupiter in pisces in the 5th the astrologer can usually expect the client will obtain maximum benefit from the reading.


If on the other hand the client has an afflicted 5th house, the astrologer needs to take extra care in the accuracy of preparing the chart, and making sure important details are not overlooked during the course of the reading.When a client has a rahu affliction in the 5th house the astrologer needs to be careful the client will receive the information realistically, and therefore the astrologer might try and take a more straightforward approach. When a client has saturn in aries in the 5th house the astrologer would be aware that the client lacked patience, and it would be a good idea to not take too verbose or wordy approach and to not make impulsive conclusions without checking them through. With sun in libra in the 5th house, the astrologer would want to be careful that the client is not going to become even more disillusioned about themselves as a consequence of the reading. With mars as 5th lord in the 6th house one might expect the client to react to advice with some volatility and defensiveness, so the astrologer would try to deliver information in a way that would not create too much disturbance in the client's mind.


If the client's 5th house has logic orientated planets like mercury, sun, or mars, a more exacting, informative approach will be received better, than too flowery or poetic approach such as a client with venus in cancer in the 5th house.


Thus it is beneficial for the astrologer to pay attention to the client's 5th house to tailor the advice, not only 5th house but also the client's jupiter and moon (psychological health) as well as general factors surrounding the ascendant. One does not want a client who is naturally suspicious and guarded to feel as if they are being brutally invaded upon, or a client with an underconfident nature to feel less sure of themselve. At the same time the astrologer does not want to indulge a client with false optimism.


The purpose of a jyotish reading is that the client will gain better knowledge of themselves and understand how to deal with the highs and lows of their fate more effectively.


The astrologer client relationship is a very delicate matter. The client has essentially put the their life in the astrologer's hands for that time, so finding the right language (unique for each client), to deliver sensitive information is a primary duty of the astrologer.

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