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Pisces Ascendant & Planet Jupiter

by Veno

Jupiter is auspicious as lord of this mystical  and creative Ascendant.  Its rulership of both 1st and 10th houses can bestow a lot of prosperity, leadership and status.




















Rabindranath Tagore was a Bengali poet, musician, novelist, painter and playwright who reshaped the world of Bengali literature and music.  He was a leader of a different kind because his authoritative impact manifested more so in his creative offspring than his personality.  He was said to have an intensely mesmerizing persona and besides his prolific output of works was founder of a university.  His works number in the thousands and are considered highly spiritual as well as politically and personally inspiring.


Spiritual planet Jupiter is very strong occupying the 5th house of creativity in its exaltation sign of Cancer whilst 5th lord Moon occupies the Ascendant Pisces.  The watery influence of this exchange makes his creativity and personality emotionally empathic and moving. Both these planets occupy Mercury's nakshatras, Mercury being the lord of writing, which highlights Rabindranath's concentration on this particular art form. Jupiter is his atmakaraka so it was his soul's main duty.  Mercury is placed with combust Venus in the 2nd house of poetry with exalted Sun and so he is probably most famous for his poetry.    Expansive Rahu occupies the 10th house in Jupiter's sign indicating strong individuality, uniqueness and an uncompromising authoritative attitude. It also enhanced his worldly recognition.

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