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What Kind of Astrologer Are You?

by Veno


Ketu is Moksha. You lead others to their final resting place and give the real diksha.














Venus is superior amongst Astrologers. You are most beautiful. You alone are the artist amongst Astrologers. You alone can give the leela of the soul.












Sun is the Soul. You are the one who leads those on the best path for the soul.















Moon is the Foundation of Jyotish. You are the supreme knower of nakshatras. You lead those through the flow of life.

















Mercury is the Great Intellect. You give best detailed predictions. You show what is wrong and right.
















Jupiter is Guru. You are wisest, and the joy of all advisors.












Mars is the Warrior. You give others the will to live. You are the healer.

















Saturn is the Master of Life and the Supreme Dancer. You show others how to live in this world.


















Rahu is the King of Magic. You allow others to know their Maya and discover hidden talents.

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