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Scorpio Ascendant & Planet Jupiter

by Veno

Jupiter is a very auspicious planet for Scorpio Ascendant and as ruler of 2nd and 5th  houses can bestow a high degree of intelligence.  Jupiter being the guru of the zodiac gives strong spiritual insight and an intelligence steeped in wisdom.


A good example of the power of Jupiter is the chart of Friedrich Nietzsche.













Nietzsche is considered to be one of the greatest philosophers of the modern era and is popular for his views on existentialism.  Despite his profound intelligence he was plagued by deteriorating mental illness and suffered much as a result.


Jupiter is well placed in the horoscope occupying its own sign in the expansive and intuitive Pisces in the constellation of Uttarabhadrapada, a constellation noted for its depths.  Uttarabhadrapada's lord Saturn is also very strong in its own sign increasing Jupiter's strength.  Jupiter is mutually aspecting logic driven Mars and exalted intellectual planet Mercury. Jupiter is also aspecting neechabhanga Moon in the Ascendant which takes on supernatural levels of perception being so closely conjunct Rahu in a watery sign and aspected by auspicious Jupiter from a watery sign.   Moon could not escape the disturbing influence of Rahu on his peace of mind and the Sun parivartana yoga with Venus was intensely difficult for him, Sun being debilitated in the 12th house in earliest degree and Venus occupying the sign of an enemy. Sun is only getting malefic aspect from its enemy Saturn who is very powerful in the chart. Also Sun and Venus are vargottama and also occupying the same places from the Moon, tripling the intensity of affliction. Sun rules sense of self and is karaka for the body.  It was impossible for Nietzsche to feel rooted and coherent within himself, his body and being which was doomed to total disintegration, despite the brilliance of his mind. His physical health was also badly afflicted.   His worse period for mental breakdown occurred during his Sun Dasa.

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