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Ascendant Lord through Different Houses

by Veno

The position of the Ascendant Lord in the chart is very important, as it will show the main direction or area of activity the person pursues in life. Even if other houses are prominent in the chart, the position of the Ascendant Lord is the main outlet through which the person finds expression.



The Ascendant lord placed in its own house strengthens the first house as it will also be occupying its own sign. The native’s life path will be primarily focused on developing their own unique individuality through their personality, appearance and self interests. Everything concerning themselves is of the utmost importance. They are very self-involved and self-reliant. The person is interested in achieving personal recognition, which if most factors are strong they will get easily. They have a high degree of self-importance, self-confidence and strong character. They live very self-centred lives and are quickly noticed by others. If the planet is afflicted one will suffer from identity and self esteem problems. There will be suffering in early childhood and health problems.



The 2nd house can be said to be similar to the sign of Taurus. This placement makes the native naturally resourceful. Their life path is strongly connected to second house matters such as speech, foods, family, knowledge, seeing/visionary capacity and wealth/financial affairs. The person possesses good foresight and is interested in acquiring money or gaining knowledge. They enjoy reading and study and can show interest in mathematics, astrology or poetry. They are attached to the family and find expression through their speech. They feel happy when they utilise their earning potential.



This shows a communicative and restless person. Life path is connected to self expression and communication. They are impulsive, courageous, proud and possess a lot of motivation. They are highly independent and will have a great deal of movement or short travels/ wanderings throughout life. They possess either mental or physical dexterity and great curiosity. They can make good musicians, producers, organizers, sportsmen, dancers and cooks. They generally have talent with their hands if Mercury is also well placed in the chart. They have a strong desire nature and are acquisitive. Younger siblings may play a prominent role in their destiny. Due to the 3rd house association with writing and communication, these natives may pursue writing, singing or public speaking.



This shows a person who is attached to the home, mother and their place of birth. The mother or maternal relatives have a strong influence on the person’s life. The person is interested in acquiring property, vehicles and other possessions which come easily to them if the planets involved are well placed. The 4th house is an emotional and secluded house making the person highly emotional and secretive. As the 4th house is also a Moksha house, the person may be interested in spiritual subjects, along with history and classical education. The person tries to act from the heart. If there are no afflictions this placement can give good and stable character. A powerful Ascendant lord here can give popularity on a mass scale. Many celebrities have this type of placement.




This gives a strong sense of destiny and life purpose. This is a highly fortunate placement and shows a life destined to reap the karmic rewards of the past. Creativity is important to the person and they may be a creative artist, actor or creative writer. As the 5th house is the house of love, it shows a person in the pursuit of true love. They are romantically inclined and have a flirtatious and childlike nature. They get on well with children and may find self fulfillment through their experiences with them. If the horoscope is spiritually inclined, the native may become expert in spiritual or occult practices, ritual and mantra. They have strong advisory capacity and like to offer their advice. They make good students and are always ready to learn. They may show an interest in speculation and are not afraid to take risks. This placement can give a refined and spiritual nature or good intelligence.



This placement indicates a militant and fighting spirit and shows a naturally argumentative person. These natives only feel happy when they can be of service to others. As the 6th House is an Upachaya House natives with this placement takes a long time to find themselves. They have to overcome many obstacles, debts, enemies, diseases and competitors along the way. The person may show a natural interest in health matters, hygiene or self-improvement techniques. If the 1st house is much weaker than the 6th house, the person may suffer many debilitating health problems. They are absorbed in details and like routine, discipline and should adopt regular habits.



This placement indicates a person interested in all types of relationships/partnerships, especially marriage. They find themselves through others, especially the marriage partner. They have a talent for business due to their ability to handle people well. This is a very extroverted placement and puts one in the public sphere.



As the 8th House is a Dusthana house, there will be difficulties in life, along with a difficult or somewhat reclusive childhood. Much depends on how well the planet in the 8th house is placed by sign and the aspects it receives from other planets. The person is deeply investigative, has a great deal of liveliness about them and is highly secretive. They are somewhat mysterious for others to figure out. They may have psychic gifts and are interested in the occult. They may possess strong sexual or hypnotic aura. If the 1st Lord is weakened by other factors the person may have weak longevity, suffer chronic illness and psychological imbalance. They may be the victim of acts of violence or they themselves have a violent temperament. As the 8th House signifies death and sudden endings the person has to explore issues of death in life, along with many sudden and important transformational changes.



The 9th House is a highly fortunate house and shows some kind of divine protection or blessing on the person. They either live an enjoyable life on the material plane or are highly spiritual, philosophical types. Their life connects them to foreigners, travel and higher education. They have a naturally inbuilt law of wisdom and can look at things from a very broad perspective. They are interested in religion and enjoy higher knowledge. They find good teachers and have talent for teaching others. This placement can give a good, benevolent character and make one generous.




The career is most important to this person, along with professional achievement, status, fame and activities which effect society. It gives an authoritative disposition and strong influence of the father figure on their life. The person may find their career early in life. The person is very hardworking and goal orientated. Career improves with time as the 10th House is an Upachaya House. The personality and use of the body is directly linked with the career. The person is conscious of how they appear in public. If the house is strong the person will be highly respected.



This placement gives a highly ambitious nature and makes one interested in finances and profits. They are always in pursuit of a particular goal. The native mixes in wide social circles. They want to achieve things on a grand scale. Their destiny connects them to groups, societies and cooperative ventures. If the native is philosophically inclined they will be interested in humanitarian concerns.



As this house is a Dusthana House one can expect a person with this placement to experience some losses in life. They may have difficulty finding themselves and can scatter their energies. They can be very unstable characters. This placement can give an unhappy or lonely childhood, or one may have been brought up in much seclusion. Periods of solitude and relaxation are important to these natives and are essential for their sense of wellbeing. They need to withdraw from the mainstream of life. Their interest is directed towards spiritual concerns or other 12th house matters including sex, indulgence, foreign travel, dream life and astral experiences. They usually move far away from their place of birth. They can do much charity. Their real purpose in life is to learn to give freely without expecting reward. They may spend time in temples, charity organizations, hospitals, even prison as the 12th house rules confinement. As the 12th house is a hidden house personal recognition comes to these natives more as a byproduct of their capacity for service and helpfulness. These natives will often have a hard time finding where they belong until they begin to pursue a spiritual path in life.

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