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Ramakrishna Paramahansa - Aquarius Ascendant & Planet Mercury

by Veno

The famous guru Ramakrishna Paramahansa was thought to be an avatar of God. He was skilled in tantra and devoted to Goddess Kali.  Even preceding his birth his parents experienced many supernatural incidents and visions.  His devotion to Ma was so intense he entered prolonged samadhi states easily and often.  His life was full of miraculous events and mystical visions. His occult powers frequently manifested themselves before his disciples or those who crossed his path, often to teach an important lesson. He was a sexually liberated being, although his sexual energy was transformed from its gross aspect  into its highest  through concentration on kundalini awakening.  His liberal attitude to all things was due to his absorption in brahman.



His Mercury is placed in the Ascendant with the two luminaries Sun & Moon in the sign of Aquarius in Rahu's constellation Shatabishak. Mercury is considered in some western esoteric schools of thought to be exalted in Aquarius and here it is vargottama with Aquarius lord Saturn in the navamsa. Mercury's impact is increased because it is retrograde.  Mercury is strengthened further because its nakshatra lord Rahu which is exalted occupies the sign of Venus which is also exalted, and Mercury's sign lord Saturn is exalted in the 9th house.  This gives strong occult powers and a very powerful auric electrical field (great emphasis on shatabishak ).  This power is tripled because Rasi, Surya and Chandra lagna are all the same.

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