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Aleister Crowley Horoscope

by Veno


Aleister Crowley needs no introduction. The famous occultist was said to have been born anywhere between 11pm to midnight,12 Oct, 1875, Leamington Spa, UK. Correlating the timing of events in his life, his birthtime is nearer to 11.30pm.


This would give him Cancer Ascendant in the constellation of Pushya. Pushya is normally associated with qualities of caring. In this case caring is still a strong impulse in the personality and lifepath but expressed in a more harsh impersonal manner, as seen with Ascendant nakshatra lord Saturn in 7th conjunct with 10th lord Mars in Capricorn.


Saturn has attained Sasa yoga, a formidable placement for lordship over others.The combination in the 7th house gives a cruel and wicked disposition; a tendency towards hedonism and violence.The Ruchaka Yoga formed by Mars is giving a daring and courageous nature. These planets contributed to Crowley's love for mountain climbing.


Crowley was considered a somewhat shocking figure, having Uranus in his ascendant and Rahu with his Ascendant lord.


Sasa yoga in this case is acting out in a particularly harsher and ruthless manner because of Mars influence and the disposition of the Moon. Although the Moon occupies water sign Pisces in the highest dharma house and is in Cancer navamsa, it is conjunct Rahu and Gulika, a combination which distorts the conventional view of religion, making one rebellious and antagonistic. Rahu is occupying Scorpio in trine in navamsa and Mars is exalted indicating a highly talented mystic, a shadowy character with a determined will.


With a history of black magic and taboo exploits one would expect a nakshatra like Purva bhadrapada to have some prominence and the Moon was placed in this constellation. According to Prash Trivedi's book, "The 27 Celestial Portals", the Cancer pada of this nakshatra has potential to become the most diabolical. Purvabhadrapada is ruled by benefic Jupiter which is placed in the 4th house with Venus in Venus's sign and conjunct another natural benefic Mercury. This gave him great devotion for spiritual and religious matters and expanded his knowledge and awareness on occult planes, the 4th house being a strong moksha house occupied by two moksha lords. Crowley benefited greatly from the use of mantras with these combination of planets. Jupiter, the guru of the gods, has surrendered to Venus the guru of the asuras as it is in Venus's sign. Crowley had great reverence for the divine feminine. with his 9th and 12th lord conjunct his 4th lord. Venus forming malavya yoga gives a romantic idealistic nature and much personal charm. It indicates a very tender and beautiful side to his inner nature. However Crowley's outer reputation was more associated with the malefic Sasa yoga combination in the 7th where his Ascendant nakshatra lord is placed. With the sign Libra on the 4th he had alot of romantic idealism about establishing an enlightened age, and this seemed to consume him as he matured on his occult path.


These planets Jupiter and Venus with Mercury helped him shine in intelligence in his career as a writer and teacher giving aptitude for the occult being placed 8th from the Moon. These planets also gave him an early environment of luxury, having grown up in a high society family. Aleister Crowley was fond of his father having his 9th lord with two other benefics, but completely opposed the conservative religious model his parents were part of. . He was rebellious to authority and an anarchist towards his parents with nodes conjunct luminaries. His mind was able to perceive some powerful insights on the mystic planes, which is a gift of Rahu's conjunction with the moon in 9th opposing his sun ketu, but at times also gave susceptibility towards delusions,paranoia and other unwelcome disturbances. He was intent on transcending the ego/mind complex an impulse instilled by the nodal/luminary connection. His experience of samadhi inspired him to write some of his more powerful works on occult. That he possessed many talents of a psychological, occult, literary, artistic nature can be drawn from his 4th house.


He was known to have worked as a spy for the British and Germans as well as being connected to occult secret societies, another aspect of his sasa yoga & ruchaka yoga involving 8th and 10th lords along with the Purvabhadrapada Moon.


Saturn is his atmakaraka and so the Saturn drive in his chart was the guiding force in his life. His Saturn being retrograde takes on a more negative function.


Saturn by nature is also a servant and he was destined to serve a martian authority as indicated by its conjunction wiht the 5th and 10th lord Mars. His pinnacle work was said to have been dictated by a being who proclaimed, "I am a god of war and vengeance".. a very martian theme.


Both Aleister Crowley's wives went insane and his mistresses committed suicide, which also illustrates the destructive quality of his Sasa yoga. He was rumoured to have engaged in human ritualistic sacrifice. He at least evinced support for this in some of his writings, if not engaged in it, another aspect of the mars/saturn combination.


The zero degreeical position of Crowley's Moon and Mars suggests that only a portion of his dharmic mission would be fulfilled in the current life. His path was very much about transcending opposites through an unorthodox route, a path which requires enormous discipline, detachment and flawless guidance. Although he was revolutionary for his time, the west since has been exposed to many Yogi traditions in the east that have been designed to attain these goals with great efficiency for thousands of years. Crowley's retrograde Saturn indicated past lives having failed in his quest trying to conquer the material nature and in this life suggests also some difficulties.


He died in poor health which was exacerbated by his drug addiction, leaving behind a large legacy of writings.That his memory remains strong after death and he is still revered by unorthodox thinkers, is seen by his Saturn ruling the 8th house and the 8th house benefics from the Moon. The navamsa, although very powerful suggests some future work needed in the realms of purity and discrimination.

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