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Aries Ascendant & Planet Jupiter

by Veno


Jupiter rules both the 9th and 12th houses for Aries Ascendant. Jupiter is the planet of religion and 9th and 12th houses govern philosophy and spirituality, thus generally for Aries people there is a natural interest in these matters. Jupiter is auspicious as lord of a trine.


Interesting is the chart of Carlos Castaneda, the Peruvian anthropologist and author who became famous for his works on Mexican shamanism and magic. Castaneda claims that he was tutored under a Yacqui shaman named Don Juan, who preferring anonymity, made it  difficult for Castaneda to prove that Don Juan really existed. There has always been a lot of controversy over the truth of Castaneda's auto biographical experiences.


Still in this regard Castaneda made a name for himself as a specialist and teacher in the earthy magical practices of the ancient Toltec tradition.  It is clear his life path connected him to the occult realms and an interest in psychotropic plants because of Ascendant lord Mars conjunct Mercury in the 8th house in occult sign Scorpio.  Jupiter,guru of the Gods is conjunct Venus, guru of the Asuras in the 10th  house in earthy Capricorn with spiritualistic Ketu.  10th house planets are always the most visible and important in a person's life and get stronger over time, so Castaneda was regarded as guru as his life progressed, even though a controversial one due to Jupiter's debilitation and being so closely conjunct Ketu, the planet of doubt.


Venus is having powerful exchange with 10th lord Saturn which is exalted and digbala in the 7th house making it especially strong. Saturn causes Sasha yoga.  It is because of the strength of Saturn that Jupiter attains strong neechabhanga.


Jupiter in Capricorn is often considered anti religious but it can give strong interest in nature earth religions, especially here because Jupiter's nakshatra dispositor Sun rules the 5th  house and  is occupying the 9th house of religion in a friendly sign.


Jupiter's neechabhanga status will manifest itself on the material plane, Capricorn being the height of material manifestation, especially with its sign lord Saturn so powerful in the 7th house in Jupiter's nakshatra and exchanging with the 7th lord.  Although we can't vouch for the reality of Don Juan the way Castaneda described him, he definitely benefitted from the personal association of powerful teachers in his life who would have included influential women, Venus and Saturn being both feminine planets.  Male mentor of some kind is also there with Sun in the 9th house.

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