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Kala Purusha

by Veno

1st House is Head

The thousand petalled Lotus

The root of intelligence

Seat of Sahasrara

Where there is Pure Intelligence

There is Divine Omnipotent

Ruled by Mars

Kalki's Pure Will



2nd House is neck,

the support of intelligence

the Sense receptor,

ruler of mouth, eyes, nose

Perception – the food we take in

Greatest attachments are formed here

The more wealth,

the more interest in the senses

The place where family becomes attachment

The House of Face

Our identity

Where Beauty is judged

House of Venus


3rd house arms, hands, shoulders

how useful we are

what we use to injure

will and intent

House of  Mars


4th house   the engine

heart and lungs

pumping blood and oxygen

to all the body and brain

the sustainer of life

the breasts and the chest

feeding and protecting

most visible part of the body

Fame which is most visible

House of Moon,



5th house, the stomach


how knowledge assimilates

where the eagle consumes

the pregnant belly

source of creation

House of God Vishnu

where secrets of the universe reside

the most powerful

House of Sun


6th House, the hips

where the lower meets the higher

holding the lower and higher together

House of Mercury



7th house, the outer sex organs

gender differentiation,

our sense of “I” & separateness,


Giving rise to pleasure

falling into Maya

doorway to greatness

ignorance too

House of Venus

Where the Play Never Ends


8th House , the hidden genitals


also anus, rectum where toxins get purged

sins get expunged

renewal takes place

the house of Shiva

House of Pluto


9th House , the anti will,

House of Thighs & buttocks

where we sit our will down

Rest comfortable in the lap of Divine

The beginning of Higher Chakras

House of Jupiter


10th House, spine, back, knees

House of Saturn

Spine – homo erectus

separates us from the animals


he governor of the universe

the ruling supreme

where kundalini rises to reach divine

the house of samadhi

pilgrimage to the Holy City

we bend our knees

to reach the superior

the most superior always  knows how to kneel

we don't know one by their back i

s not the place of recognition

but the place of superiority

we do not go directly to the father

whose back faces us

who is very “High”

to see All below

Third Eye discrimination

We go to the mother

who welcomes her chest facing us,

 sustaining us in the 4th house



11th House – legs we  go places

make progress

stand up

part of 9.10,11, 12th quarter

where one is superior,

no longer an animal

has power and influence over others

opposing 5th

anti dharma lives here too

House of Rahu


12th House feet that hold everything

that stand us up

without them we collapse

and get no support from the All

Farthest from the head

conscious intelligence does not operate here

the place of Ketu

no “I”

without feet we go nowhere

we are stuck

when the body is light,

disposed of encumberments

feet are nimble

like the Liberated One

the Greatest Dancer

Shiva Goes everywhere

Above the Sahasrara

Where Vishnu lies on his Bed

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